Chez Brett

Single dad, comic book publisher [Top Shelf Productions], film buff, tree geek, nature nerd, foodie. Big ideas ahead, pending little steps getting there. Stay tuned…

And lo, a chubby 14-year old — innocently sucking down Slurpees, losing badly at Asteroids, and stealing candy bars — stumbled across X-Men #135 on the hallowed spinner rack, the cover of which featured none other than the same hot redhead (formerly Marvel Girl, now Phoenix) from that comic from a year or two ago, which means… wait!… she escaped from Magneto! The story had been continued… revelation! [Insert needle into vein.] On this summer day, as the 70s came to a close, a hard-core comic book junkie was born.

This comic and two more became his holy trinity of awesomeness, from whence a lifelong love of superheroes and a love of the medium eventually morphed into a career in comics.